Lūlū & Marjan


Inspired by the timeless elegance of pearls and the beautiful vibrance of coral, the LÜLÜ & MARJAN collection contains unique and timeless pieces.  Each accessory has been handpicked and only the most exquisite items are selected for our discerning clients.

We at LÜLÜ & MARJAN aspire to bring a variety of accessories to meet all style needs, whether you seek the perfect jewels to elevate your outfit or a scarf to add a little fun, LÜLÜ & MARJAN has what you need.  Our variety ensures you will always find what you seek and you can be assured that each piece is of exceptional quality.

LÜLÜ & MARJAN first entered the market in local bazaars where the atmosphere was lively and the clients astute. LÜLÜ & MARJAN thrived in this engaging environment.  Curious about our name, customers never hesitated to inquire its roots; Lūlū is the Arabic word for pearl and Marjan for coral. These natural beauties are what have inspired our collection and we hope you find exactly what you need to add to yours.

With Love and Inspiration,


"There come forth from them (the seas) pearls and coral (lūlū wa marjan), both large and small. Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?'  {55:22-23}

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